Guiding Principles

From the very beginning, we have looked to our guiding principles to point us in the right direction, helping us meet our four primary objectives:

  • to deliver needed services and true value to our clients;
  • to align the interests of our firm and our associates; and
  • to contribute to the community around us.

Integrity: We are honest and fair at all times and honor all commitments. Integrity will always take precedence over personal or corporate profit.

Client Service: Our clients are treated with courtesy, respect and friendliness. We treat everyone the way we would want to be treated.

Concern for People: We respect all people and strive to satisfy the needs of everyone who places their trust in us.

Communication: We communicate openly and share information internally to foster trust and efficiency. Decisions are made objectively with input from all levels.

Teamwork: We work together for the success of the firm and our mutual benefit.

Excellence: We excel in meeting the needs of our clients, employees, stockholders and communities, treating all with courtesy, respect, honesty and fairness.

Quality: We take pride in the accuracy, thoroughness and quality of our work.

Creativity: We appreciate creative thinking and suggestions for better methods.

Personal Development: We update our professional skills annually and practice life-long learning.

Productivity: We expect all of the firm’s associates to show initiative, hard work and results. Compensation and advancement are based on measurable individual contributions.

Efficiency: We assume a sense of urgency in completing our work while employing state-of-the-art methods and technology and cost-effective yet high-quality products or services to operate our business.

Community Service: We align our corporate and social goals, and contribute to the communities in which we operate.

Professional Image: Our office is designed to be neat, efficient, professional and inviting, and our associates reflect these same qualities in their personal appearance and behavior while representing the firm.